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Services for the agricultural industry


We are specialists in agricultural chemistry applied to agriculture. Our customers in the agricultural sector enjoy the benefits and advantages of combining our laboratory chemical knowledge with specialized agronomic engineering. Our team of agronomists is composed of professionals experienced in the best and most varied plantations and crops in the world.

All our agronomic decisions are based on the information provided by laboratory analysis and control procedures. We are experts in the control of the soil-plant-water system, which is the fundamental basis of modern agriculture, and study all the real needs of the plant at all times.

We offer analytical services to develop more profitable, sustainable, and safe agriculture. Our personalized agronomic advice through expert agronomists enables our customers to obtain more production, higher yields, and higher quality and caliber fruits.

Our international crop knowledge allows us to design plant nutrition and plantation management strategies that maximize productivity and optimize resource use and input.

We collaborate with organic farming committees throughout Spain, carrying out phytosanitary and nitrate controls, fertilizer verification, and nutritional audits.




We have a wide range of specific agronomic analyses for each agricultural sector and each type of fruit, always to control and optimize any agricultural crop.

crop evaluation

AGQ Labs is characterized by the high quality and extensive experience of its team of agronomists equipment, which we put at your disposal to improve the quality and quantity of production of your crops.

Nutritional Monitoring

We continuously evaluate the needs of the plant. Throughout the cycle, we monitor the water and nutrient needs of the crop to adjust irrigation and fertilizers to this demand.

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