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efficient and profitable agriculture

More than 20 years of experience offering analytical solutions and services for a multitude of agricultural crops around the world.

We have the broadest range of analytical services especially designed to manage crops more profitably, sustainably, and safely. Our agricultural analyses help make decisions so that our clients obtain higher production, better yields, and better quality product.

Agricultural Analysis

We offer the most accurate and reliable analytical services for agriculture, from the most basic to the most advanced, for precision agriculture, food safety, product quality, and agricultural and environmental control.

An accurate diagnosis of the soil or substrate, irrigation water, and leaves (foliar) will allow us to associate the plant’s nutrition with the corresponding dose of fertilizers to optimize fertilization for a crop, soil, or substrate, and certain weather conditions.

It’s essential to know the following:

  • Irrigation water quality
  • Optimum concentration and ratios of nutrients in fertilizer solutions
  • Choice of most suitable fertilizers
  • Stability and compatibility of fertilizers in concentrated solutions in irrigation head
  • Interaction between irrigation water salts and fertilizer solutions
  • Subscriber according to crop and substrate
  • Frequency and intensity of watering and washing
  • Nutrition Diagnosis
  • Fertilizer-substrate solution interaction

Interpretation of the analysis

To ensure the reliability of the data from our analyses, carried out with the highest technology and endorsed by our international accreditation, one of our most important values is added: the interpretation of the results.

All our results are accompanied by this interpretation, graphically and visually. In addition, our agricultural department is at your disposal for more specific queries and for making fertilization plans.






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