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You're One Step Closer to a Better Crop Yield
Increased Profitability of Crops 50%

What is Crop Nutritional Monitoring?

AGQ Labs has developed a patented method for crop nutritional monitoring and control. We analyze the available nutrients in different layers of the root zone more accurately and offer a recommendation on how to optimize fertigation for better yields and healthier soils on ALL crops

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Crop Nutritional Monitoring Immediate Benefits

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Crop Nutritional Monitoring Service Includes

Right Now is the Best Time to Join the Program

The Crop Nutritional Monitoring system offers you real time information on which and how nutrients are actually reaching the root system and what is being lost.

AGQ Labs has been monitoring and evaluating the nutrient needs of crops for over 25 years and we’d like to share our 25 years of experience with you.

Right now is the best time to join as we are at the start of the Fall season. Plus, there is never a wrong time to make an investment on your crops success.

You're One Step Closer to Improved Crop Quality
Improved Yields and Profits 100%


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