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Environmental Policy

AGQ Labs has implemented and certified an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001. This system is based on a solid integrated performance, whose ultimate goal is to control the impact that our activity can generate on the environment.

This Environmental Management System involves the application of certain action protocols in the development of the different activities and services developed by AGQ Labs.

The different aspects that concern this Management System have been classified as “significant” or “non-significant” depending on the impact they may have on the environment, both in normal circumstances and in “abnormal” or emergency circumstances.

AGQ Labs has outsourced the removal of its waste to specialized and authorized companies:

  • Non-Hazardous Waste Management. This waste is generated in the office activities of AGQ Labs. They are considered “Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)”, and include organic waste, paper, household packaging, household glass, batteries, printer toners and ink cartridges, fluorescent tubes, etc.
  • Hazardous Waste Management. These wastes are generated in the course of the most characteristic activities performed at AGQ Labs. Among them are: Halogenated solvents, non-halogenated solvents, acids, bases, laboratory products, contaminated packaging.

Another of the activities implemented by AGQ Labs within its Environmental Management System is the minimization in the use of Natural Resources, among these activities are:

  • Minimization of electricity and water consumption, making a rational use of it.
  • Minimization of the use of paper, for which we have established some guidelines for the use of paper, from using chlorine-free paper to using double-sided paper.

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