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Do you have questions? We have answers. All your FAQs are answered down below.

General Questions

AGQ Labs USA is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory and our most recent accreditation and scope can be downloaded here.

AGQ Labs Chile, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Portugal, Colombia, Costa Rica and Spain are also ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratories and their most recent scope of accreditation can be downloaded by searching ‘AGQ’ on IAS website.

AGQ Labs USA does not currently offer microbiological testing.

For special projects, AGQ Labs USA can outsource these samples to a 3rd party laboratory, please contact AGQ Labs USA’s Food Safety Department (foodsafety@agqlabs.com) for more details.

Discounts are available based on annual number of samples.   

Discounts can also be given to non-profit organizations and academia partners. 

Please contact us to find out more information.  

DALA: Days After Last application

DWPE: Detention Without Physical Examination

kg: kilograms

mg: milligrams

MRL: Maximum Residue Limit

PHI: Pre Harvest Interval

ppb: parts per billion = µg/kg or µg/L

ppm: parts per million = mg/kg or mg/L

µg: micrograms 

Submitting Samples

Samples can be dropped off or sent to:

Attn: Operations
2451 Eastman Ave
Suite 1
Oxnard, CA 93030 USA
(805) 981-2972

  • Samples must be submitted with a chain of custody:
    • Find our:
      • New Customer Form
      • Chain of Custody
      • Sampling Guidelines

      on our Resources Page

For agronomy samples, please contact your agronomist for specific amounts of samples.

For food safety samples, the amount of sample is dependent on the type of test. Please refer to the specific analysis page for the minimum amounts of sample needed. If you have doubts or questions, please contact your sales representative or foodsafety@agqlabs.com.

Note for international shipments: samples must be processed into a puree before shipping. Please place it in a hermetic container for transportation.

Contact your sales person or appropriate department to gain access to your BeSafer account. Once you have this account information you can login via web browser or mobile app (search app store for ‘BeSafer’) to view the status of all your samples.

Yes. Please contact your AGQ Labs customer service representative for more information.

All samples must be accompanied with a completed chain of custody:


We accept Via, MasterCard, check, and electronic transfers.

Please remit check payments to:
2451 Eastman Avenue
Suite 1
Oxnard, California 93030

To submit payment via credit card or electronically please contact Sandra Robles srobles@agqlabs.com.


Invoices are emailed on the 15th and last day of each month. Our standard payment terms are 15 days. Please contact your AGQ Labs Customer Service Representative for more information. 

You should put this information at the start of the description field on the chain of custody.   

You should contact your AGQ Labs service representative or Sandra Robles (srobles@agqlabs.com).

You can download AGQ Labs’ W-9 here.

Our Tax ID Number is 271769718.


  • Your results are sent to contact email addresses that you specify during account setup. Please contact your AGQ Labs service representative to add additional contacts. 

N/L means that the chemical (or sum) is not legislated in that country, therefore no specific MRL has been established for this active ingredient/commodity pair. MRLs are obtained from an external database and are for reference purposes only. The country’s specific regulations governing the active ingredient/commodity should always be consulted.   

Each country is unique in the way they define chemicals and regulate their MRLs. Some countries may require a sum of different chemicals be used to determine MRL compliance. AGQ Labs list all sum parameters on the last page of our reports. Please contact your AGQ Labs service representative for specific questions.  

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