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Food Safety

Analytical Testing for the Agri-food Industry

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Food Safety Testing

We offer comprehensive Food Safety Testing solutions to ensure the highest standards of safety and quality for your food products.

Nutritional Testing Service Page, Nutritional Testing Request Form

Nutritional testing

We provide a Nutritional Testing service that involves an accurate analysis of the nutritional composition of food products.

Our Food Safety Core Mission

Ensuring product safety and quality within the food industry is imperative and significant. This sector experiences unparalleled demand for the demonstration of safe and high-quality goods. To meet this essential requirement, the cornerstone lies in a qualified laboratory with the most advanced techniques and the highest international accreditations. This is the foundation upon which AGQ Labs USA is built.

At AGQ Labs USA, we recognize the pivotal role that safety and quality play. Our team of specialists is a formidable force, equipped to provide distinctive solutions that drive process enhancement, product preservation, and food safety innovation. With AGQ Labs as a steadfast ally, the food sector gains a partner dedicated to advancing standards, fostering growth, and ensuring that every link in the food supply chain is fortified with the reassurance of uncompromising safety and excellence. As we relentlessly pursue these objectives, we pave the way for a future where consumer trust is unwavering, and our sustenance nourishes health and confidence.

AGQ Labs USA champions a holistic approach to food safety, empowering stakeholders to navigate an evolving landscape with vigilance and wisdom. Through meticulous analysis, innovation, and collaboration, we uphold our commitment to safeguarding the integrity of the global supply chain, instilling peace of mind in every meal consumed. Our dedication resonates through every testing solution, fortifying the bridge between producers and consumers and ultimately contributing to a world where safe, high-quality consumer goods are not just a promise but a guaranteed reality.

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