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FDA Detentions

Complete FDA detention sampling, testing, and supervision.

Our clients can rest assured that by partnering with AGQ Labs, they won’t have to worry about what to do with their products.

What are FDA Detentions?

The U.S. government’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ensures that all products imported into the United States meet regulatory standards and are safe for U.S. consumers. If a product imported into the U.S. is found adulterated, misbranded, or disapproved for entry, the FDA will detain it by preventing its release (Detentions).

What is the FDA detentions process?

To avoid costly delays, importers must act quickly to provide analytical reports demonstrating the product’s regulatory compliance.

We manage the entire process with maximum assurance:

  • FDA notifies the importer of the detained product by NOA (Notice of Action).
  • The importer must contact us and provide all the necessary documentation.
  • From AGQ Labs, we perform the sampling or contact your partner to perform the sampling.
  • The samples are sent and analyzed in our California (USA) laboratories.
  • The specific FDA report is issued through ITACS.
  • FDA review of the report.
  • FDA issues its final verdict.
FDA Detentions Video
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This entity maintains strict control over products imported into the United States. In the event of any suspicion, it can stop a product from entering the market, placing the company on a “red list.”

It is vital to act quickly to provide the FDA with analytical reports demonstrating the product’s conformity.

At AGQ Labs, we have the experience, technology, and accreditation necessary to quickly and effectively respond to the FDA.

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